Pectin, Cargill, USA

Pectin is structural heteropolysaccharide contained in the primary cell walls of terrestrial plants.

It is produced commercially as a white to light brown powder, mainly extracted from citrus fruits, and is used in food as a gelling agent particularly in jams and jellies. It is also used in fillings, medicines, sweets, as a stabillizer in fruit juices and milk drinks, and as a source of dietary fiber.

Pectin is an ingredient and a natural component of plants that is especially abundant in apples and citrus fruits. Fruit pectin is associated with cellulose in plant tissues, where it plays a fundamental role in determining their mechanical properties. Pectin, as a food ingredient, can be used as a gelling agent, thickening agent and stabilizer in food applications. Cargill is a pectin supplier to the food industry.

Pectin is used in diverse applications such as yogurt, confectionery and acid milk drinks. Pectin has the image of a natural product and has acknowledged nutritional benefits. Pectin is also used to optimize the mouthfeel of fruit-based beverages and as a protein stabilizer in acidified dairy products.

There are two types of pectin:

  1. High-Methoxyl Pectin
    This type of pectin requires high amount of sugar to gel properly and sensitive to acidity.
    • Rapid Set HM Pectin
    • Slow Set HM Pectin
  2. Low-Methoxyl Pectin
    This type of pectin does not require high amount of sugar and less sensitive to acidity, but requires calcium to gel.