Orange Juicy Terpeneless Flavour 0500 NAT.NA-WS
February 25, 2016


A dark brown colour viscous liquid which is the natural colour of cocoa extract, with the flavour of milk chocolate.

Specific gravity at 25ºC: 1.230 – 1.235


Recommended Dosage

  • Biscuit 0.25% of dough weight
  • Wafer Biscuit 0.25% of dough weight
  • Cream Fillings 0.15% in fat base
  • Ice Cream 0.2% in ice-cream mix
  • Chocolate 0.2% in chocolate base

Legal Status

This flavour is compound from natural and nature-identical flavour ingredients which are FEMA GRAS with Popylene Glycol USP as solvent


This flavour is classified as nature-identical in all countries


Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. This flavour matures with storage it is stable for two years. Shake well before use.


  • 25 kg HDPE plastic drum
  • 5 kg plastic container packed in a carton of 4 x 5 kg