Milk Flavour Powder 1001
February 25, 2016


A white crystalline powder with a sweet aroma of Ethyl Vanillin.

Bulk density at 25ºC: 0.636 – 0.640


This flavour gives the sweet Ethyl Vanillin taste which is more intense than Vanillin. The strength and sweetness is about 3 to 4 times stronger than Vanillin. This flavour gives more than sweetness strength when compare to Vanillin. It is particularly good in all bakery products such as biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolate products, toffees, ice-cream and cereal products. The recommended dosage is 0.1% w/w for all bakery, chocolate and confectionery products. The recommended dosage for beverage products such as milk shakes, chocolate drinks, cereal drinks is 0.5% w/w of base.

Legal Status

This flavour is compounded from nature-identical and artificial flavour ingredients that are generally permitted worldwide.


It is classified as artificial flavour in all countries.


Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. This produc is stable and does not have serious caking problem even after prolonged storage. This flavour is stable for two years.


25 kg high barrier plastic bag packed in an outer paper carton.