Milk Flavour Powder 1001/500
February 25, 2016
Orange Juicy Terpeneless Flavour 0500 NAT.NA-WS
February 25, 2016


A white to off-white coloured powder with brown specks due to the presence of natural vanilla oleoresin with strong, rich and creamy aroma and taste of natural vanilla extract.

Specific Gravity at 25°C: 0.710 – 0.720


This flavour gives a full-bodied vanilla taste with lingering aromatic richness and sweet resinous background. This flavour is highly recommended for flavouring premium products such as bakery, confectioneries, dairy and chocolate products.

Recommended Dosage

  • Cookies: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of batter/dough weight.
  • Cakes/Bread/Doughnuts: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of batter/dough weight.
  • Milk / Milk Products: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of base.
  • Ice-Cream: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of ice cream mix.
  • Toffees / Milk Candies: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of base.
  • Cream Fillings: 0.07% – 0.10% w/w of base.

Legal Status

This flavour is composed of natural vanillin and vanilla oleoresin which are FEMA GRAS with Dextrose Monohydrate as carrier.


This flavour is classified as natural for all countries


Keep sealed in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight. This flavour is stable for two years and does not have serious caking problem.


25 kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.