Ethyl Vanillin Flavour Powder

• The strength and sweetness are 2-3x stronger than the other vanilla
• Heat resistence up to 250°C
• This product is stable & doesn't have serious caking problem
even after prolonged storage

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Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour

• Very full aromatic richness which is very pleasent and satisfying in taste
• Classify as natural flavour
• Contains vanilla bean inside the flavour

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Orange juicy terpeneless

• The flavour coming from the pulp
• Classify as natural flavour
• 5 times more concentrate
• Water soluble

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Milk flavour powder 1001

• Full Cream milk flavour
• Heat stable up to 250 degree celcius
• 5x concentrate
• Classified as natural flavour
• Can be applied as fulll cream milk replacer

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Dark Chocolate Flavour 1813

• Propylene Glycol based flavour
• Milky Chocolate flavour
• Classified as natural-identical flavour

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VK Aromatics

Dynamic company who are constantly evolving to upgrade and create new flavour systems for tomorrow's new food and beverage products.

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VK Creative Flavour

VK Creative delivers that special combination of aromatics at 100 ppm (parts per million)

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PT Chemindo Ekatama, commited to provide only the best quality products, keep the value for money close to its clients, and maintain the excellent service standard

Our company

PT Chemindo Ekatama is a nation wide privately-owned trading company established in 1992 at Jakarta.

A number of achievements have been grabbed by PT Chemindo Ekatama for more than 2 decades being exist in Indonesia flavour trading industry.

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Safety Products

All PT Chemindo Ekatama products are certified by foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics research institute of Indonesian Council of Ulama & all VK Creative products (distributed by PT Chemindo Ekatama) are passed the HACCP system, from the production to the distribution processes.

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