In A Glance

PT Chemindo Ekatama is a nation wide privately-owned trading company established in 1992 at Jakarta. A number of achievements have been grabbed by PT Chemindo Ekatama for more than 2 decades being exist in Indonesia flavour trading industry.

Vanilla, orange, chocolate are still become the company's main key products as well as sales main focus. Three of them are part of PT Chemindo Ekatama basic flavours beside milk, coconut, coffee, and strawberry.

The company's long-term success is affected by its 3 main goals: committed to provide only the best quality products, keep the value for money close to its clients, and maintain the excellent service standard.

Sole Agent

PT Chemindo Ekatama officialy appointed as the regional distributor of VK products, in 1995, VK Aromatics International is international flavour company based in Singapore. Right on 2006, PT Chemindo Ekatama becoming Indonesia sole agent of VK Aromatic International products.

Victor Koh (VK) the man behind a flourishing international flavour business in the Asian region has been creating flavours for almost 45 years, contributing to the success of many food and beverage products throughout the region. He confidents that PT Chemindo Ekatama can be his trusted business partner for a long time period.


In the future, PT Chemindo Ekatama will expand its distribution market to ASEAN countries, continue to invest in research and innovation, including capturing new breaktrough ideas for ingredients, and do the continuous improvement to its people performance.